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The Loire Valley is situated in the heart of France only a 1 ˝ hour train ride from Paris. This beautiful region is defined by the Loire River and the pastoral valley that follows along its banks. Home to some of the most breathtaking chateaux, and thankfully, vast and varied vineyards which have been producing an enormous range of wines for centuries. The Loire is the most diverse wine region in France and known for some of the best cabernet franc, chenin blanc, and sauvignon blanc in the world.


The choice of the Central Loire Valley or Touraine as the primary focus for Select Wine Journeys was purely accidental — that is, if anything happens accidentally in this world.

Many years ago, a couple from Vouvray, France, moved into the house next door to where Margaret and I live in Vancouver. Mireille and Laurent Daubert lived here for two short years before moving back to Vouvray. However, in that short time we became close friends, and through them we were exposed to wine we had never heard of before and that could not easily be found here - wine such as 100% cabernet franc (which is so easy to drink!) or, the incredible chenin blanc of Vouvray.

This accidental exposure to the old world's wine opened up a whole new world for us, and we began to educate ourselves on wine in the Loire, French wine in general, traditions, etc. The more we learned, the more we kept coming back to the Loire wine specifically, due to how much variety they had.

I also happen to love history and you can't really separate the history of wine in the Loire from the history of France. Our week-long journeys are not just wine tours, they're journeys into the past and future of France, its world-class wine and the progress of wine around the world.

As internationally acclaimed wine critic Jancis Robinson stated, "France has an extraordinary, and in many ways extremely difficult, position in the world of wine. To many of us, France is wine, and a certain sort of wine, not always the easiest to appreciate but often the most rewarding…France supplies the benchmarks by which almost all wines are judged."

I hope you can join us on our continuing journey of discovery into Loire Valley wine.

Savour the Experience!