We've discussed much about our trip and have come to the simple conclusion that it was the best holiday we've ever had and that is in large part thanks to you. Really Dave, it was a phenomenal experience and we enjoyed every minute of it. A truly captivating experience not to be missed and the rewards, a treasure trove of memories made delectable by all that is France. I'd like to offer some useful criticism but just can't really think of a thing. Thanks again Dave, it was truly marvellous.
—Karen & Reid, Surrey, British Columbia

The Manoir was fantastic!! Everything about it, from its history to Didier and his wife's warmth and welcoming presence. The cap to the entire week might have been lunch on Friday — an event more than a meal, right out of the movies... We had a great time, everything about the week exceeded our expectations. We want to thank you for a perfect week in Vouvray... it was better than we ever could have imagined.
—Donna & Gene, Catasauqua, Pennsylvania

The week flew by and we enjoyed every moment of our vacation in the Loire Valley. Our accommodations were first class, the food and the wines were some of the finest in the world. Having our own knowledgeable guide made this trip more personal and definitely more enjoyable. It truly was a trip of a lifetime!
—Monique & Ralph, Stoney Creek, Ontario

We do not, as a rule, join guided tours: I like to be left to do my own exploring. But this was not a conventional 'guided tour'. From the first hour, it quickly became a trip in the company of a trusted friend sharing his knowledge and love of a favourite region, so that we came to love it with him and for ourselves. Never 'over controlling', Dave was always unobtrusively 'in charge' in a supportive way, like Adam Smith's invisible hand, orchestrating our days and hours with the sure baton of a Maestro. This was a trip of a lifetime, with one we would like to be friends with for a lifetime.
—Eileen and Gerry Janzen, Indianapolis, Indiana

We would give Select Wine Journeys very high marks! We had a wonderful week — great food and wine, superb accommodations, interesting tours to chateaux and towns. Dave is an excellent guide — knowledgeable and able to convey information about and enthusiasm for both history and wine! It was a wonderful holiday and we will certainly recommend it to our friends. Many thanks for putting on such an excellent tour.
—Patricia and Eric Bays, Ottawa, Ontario

We had a wonderful week in the Loire exploring a small sampling of the hospitality, food, wine and history unique of this part of France. The itinerary was excellent. Dave was a personable and generous host who planned every detail perfectly. Thanks again for a great week in the Loire.
—Danielle and Dean Burrill, Vancouver, British Columbia

We have had lots of time to think about our wonderful holiday in France under your guidance — in a beautiful part of France we had not visited before. Everything about the holiday was well organized and we looked forward to a new adventure each day. Everywhere we went we were warmly welcomed which made us feel like guests and not tourists. We wish you much success with Select Wine Journeys — a truly delightful adventure.
—Carolyn and Geoff Pratt, Kingston, Ontario

We didn't want to come home! We were excellently housed (the Manoir), fed and watered (the wine) each day! We became an instant part of the community, invited into the vineyards, cellars and homes of Dave's friends! Our inner children got to come out and play!
—Joy and Ed Prior, Pickering, Ontario

We are still dreaming of all the fabulous meals and adventures! Dave, you spoiled us and we loved it!
—Anne and Peter Wightman, Edmonton, Alberta

We feel that this was beyond doubt the best time we have ever had away and I do not say that lightly as between the two of us we have travelled fairly extensively. We had a fantastic time and were surrounded by the beauty of the landscape, the incredible rich history and the amazing food and wine. We really did not have to worry about anything but making it down for breakfast at 8:30. It is incredibly liberating to sit back, relax and go along for an adventure of a lifetime.
—Linda and Bob Duncan, Langley, BC

Dave it was a wonderful experience that we both cannot stop talking about and reliving!! We have gained some new favourites as far as wines and food. You took amazing care of us and truly we didn’t want for anything. Thanks so much for a memorable trip – we will be seeing you again!! —Michele and Ross Baillie, Vancouver, BC

This trip was the finest and most enjoyable Mary-Anne and I ever experienced. It was a special time of which we will never forget. From the time of our arrival to our departure we were treated to wonderful French culture and history, along with some of the finest wines and cuisine.
—Mike and Mary-Anne, Hamilton, Ontario

The Select Wine Journey folks do a great job from arrival to departure. The details were dialed in, and the pace/customization seems to be a very good fit as the groups are small and intimate. We especially enjoyed the extensive walking component, the caves and of course the wine!
—Kelley and Dave Harley, New Denver, BC

The itinerary was excellent and so well carried out. Dave is a bundle of information which he shares with the clients without sounding pedantic. The food and accommodations were superb. Joe and I loved this wine and cheese tour and will recommend it to all our friends. —Mary and Joe, Victoria, BC

This was one of the most fabulous weeks of vacation time we have experienced!...Because of our time in the Middle East, we have seen a lot of people doing in effect, similar business. You rank with the best of them!...We would definitely love to come back and experience another Select Wine Journey!
—Ken and Ruth, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

What a joy to see you at the railway station, Dave! We felt relaxed and cared for....We were treated as personal guests in Noel and Marina's home. This manoir was an outstanding accommodation chosen with care.... The itinerary was really unique for us. What a privilege to be with you! Some highlights for us were: the diversity of the wine-makers, time to meander in the towns, the group shopping for our picnic lunch, the picnic locations, and, your passion for history!... There are many people here who would really like to learn more about your Wine Journeys, having heard us rave about it!
—Karen and John Bradley, Hudson, Quebec, Canada.

Staying in one place for the week is the only way to go. It was really nice not to have to pack and repack, having a sort of "home base" was relaxing. The Manoir was perfect for us. We loved seeing the castles and understanding more about the local history. Taking the small roads was great. It allowed us to see a lot of the countryside and get a feel for what the Loire is all about. The food and wine were outstanding!
—Liz Wilson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I loved the wines. I really did feel like it was special meeting the wine-makers personally, and I loved when you invited them out for a lunch or dinner with us - we got to know them a little better and hear their stories. I found it very educational…you want to learn about the background behind the wines/the vineyard. It was interesting to hear wine-makers talk about what is going on in the world regarding "Old World and New World" wines. I will never again look at, or drink a bottle of wine the same way! When and where is the next Journey?!
—Al Edge, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.